Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2 – Review (Into The Dalek)

Hey everyone, here is my review for this week’s episode of Doctor Who. I know it’s a tad late, but I have only managed to watch it just now and thought I might as well write-up this article since the episode is fresh in my mind.

If you missed the review for episode 1, click HERE

This week saw a very different approach to last week’s. Everything from the villains to the acting to the furthering of storylines.

Early on, we saw the new future companion of the Doctor and Clara, Danny Pink. He was a lot different to what I had read up on him. I think he’ll be a brave and bolder Mickey (Noel Clark). Interesting to see how he will work with the Doc, being a former soldier.

Anyway, this week saw the return of almost everyone’s favourite villains…. the Daleks! Continue reading


Change of Tune

bulbasaur squareI have changed the website around a bit, It is still subject to change. In the end I went for green and blue.

I have also made a new logo, let me know what you think…

It represents how I want to not only talk about Technology as such, but how it is used in todays day, e.g. the media, gaming, social networking, etc. This will also broaden the readership of this website (Hopefully).

The opening of the narrow niche I had will mean I may be able to attract more guest bloggers as well as giving myself a bit of creative freedom on EssWhyTech.

And the Bulbasaur because… Well it’s Bulbasaur ain’t it?



Nexus 5 Review – Brief Spec Analysis

_70837074_69afa7da-48f9-422e-bb35-d6059816751aThe nexus 5 has finally been announced by Google! (About time ‘n’ all!)

Let me give you a quick run through of the main specs/features along with my impressions of it as of yet!

Let’s get this review started…

  • Anrdoid 4.4 KitKat – Out the box, what mare can you ask for? Perfect timing.
  • It boasts a full HD 4.95″ display – What more can be said? With 445ppi, I don’t think anyone has the right to complain. I’ve not yet seen one up close but we can safely assume that this is as good as it bloody gets!
  • 8MP Camera with Optical Image stabilization – Although some may whine and what-not about the fact that it is 8MP, I think this is more than suitable for a smartphone of today. It has a 1.3MP front camera which may not make for Ideal video calling… But the phone excels in other departments, regardless! Nice! Continue reading

Guest Bloggers Welcome at! – New Domain!!!

3d illustration of a transparent globe over top of a blue smoke texture has now officially become!!!

As you may already know, I’m currently juggling University life along with The EsssWhyDee Blog and now also with EssWhyTech. Now as much as I’d like to keep on top of everything, it’s inevitable that life gets the better of me, leaving me little to no time to write. This often leaves me de-motivated and drained out.

This is where the new guest blogging initiative comes in…

I believe that EssWhyTech should be a regularly updated blog and I certainly cannot accommodate blogging on a daily basis while I’m studying. But I won’t let my followers down.

Here’s how it goes… If you feel you have a fair bit of knowledge about Technology or even if you just want to put in your two cents on a certain techy subject, then here’s your chance. It’ll be to get your writing to be published on

No previous writing experience needed…

Just type up an article of your choosing, any length, and submit your article here!

Simple to do.

You’ll get full credit for the article, and I will add a “Syd’s Verdict” to top it off!

Everyone is welcome.



Android 4.4 KitKat – features hinted & interpreted

404833You’ll want to read this…

As per the KitKat homepage, you can see they’re clearly pushing the Andro-Kat connection to the moon (Yes, I made that double barrel word up).

Here we see some exaggerated features of a KitKat bar which has been presented to us in a nice sideshow format. But as with everything, they can’t have put in all that effort for the heck of it…. Right?

So this is what could potentially be in the latest instalment of Android.

What I interpret from the bullet points given from KitKat so far: Continue reading

Android KitKat (4.4)

404833Wow. What a swerve by  our beloved Google. WE WEREN’T EXPECTING THAT.

I’m sure you’ve ALL heard by now, that Android 4.4 will be called KitKat.

That’s right, KITKAT… Well, that sucks for Cadbury.

But on a more techy note, the first thing that sprung to mind was… Money. I assumed it was a huge marketing tactic for the firms and a clever one at that. I then thought about it a little bit more… Who would be paying who exactly?

So my mind stopped functioning at that moment, and I used the strongest power known to man… Google.

So I did a bit of old-fashioned researching and learned that in terms of monetary value, neither firms had let off anything about paying each other but looked more to the mutual benefit of themselves. Continue reading

Some Great Techy Articles

Our techy Halloween pumpkinHey all, here’s something different today!

Links to other great techy articles that you may like too!

They’re all pretty short so check out which ever ones appeal to yourself…

Enjoy! Continue reading