Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Review – Guest Author: @MrFuZ16



Guest post written by Zayne Fulat:

So, what happens when the girl from Avatar, the loveable idiot from Parks and Rec, the Iron Giant, the cool guy from the Hangover and a former wrestler all become superheroes in charge of saving the galaxy from utter annihilation?

You get a film called The Guardians of The Galaxy. Yes, you’ve probably heard about it over the past year and thought, ‘well, that sounds a bit extreme? Like, are they Avengers IN SPACE??’

Hmmm… not quite

At the first chance given, I accompanied a few friends to see the new film, admittedly possessing high hopes, being an avid Marvel Comics ‘fanboy’ for a number of years, and so the possibilities were simple: I would either be extremely satisfied with the movie or massively aggrieved. This could either be the something brilliant like the X-Men or Avengers franchises, or another Ghost Rider (sorry for referencing that God awful flop).

And so, the pressure was on GOTG to impress!

What was the eventual outcome? Well! Read on and you will find out…

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