What life is like without Candy Crush notifications

candy crush is evilI’m sure a lot of you may have read The Candy Crush Addiction and understand how much one can get addicted to the game. However, after being unable to get past a certain level (can’t even remember which one). I have finally gone off Candy Crush.

You heard correctly.

I haven’t uninstalled it or anything. It’s just sat there in my app drawer laying dormant until unimaginable amounts of boredom overcome me once again… Continue reading


The Candy Crush Addiction

【APP遊戲】Candy Crush Saga

So I was one of those guys that had blocked any requests on Facebook coming from what was unknown at the time Candy Crush Saga. Man, I hated those requests with all my soul. I despised them thoroughly. Whenever I saw an ad pop-up on my screen regarding that foul game, I’d let out a sigh in disgust.

When I saw somebody else playing it, I thought it was the lamest thing ever. I would refrain from associating with such person… Basically, I hated this game with a passion.

But then… On a summer’s day, the inevitable-yet-unexpected happened….

That’s right…  I downloaded the bugger! Continue reading