Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2 – Review (Into The Dalek)

Hey everyone, here is my review for this week’s episode of Doctor Who. I know it’s a tad late, but I have only managed to watch it just now and thought I might as well write-up this article since the episode is fresh in my mind.

If you missed the review for episode 1, click HERE

This week saw a very different approach to last week’s. Everything from the villains to the acting to the furthering of storylines.

Early on, we saw the new future companion of the Doctor and Clara, Danny Pink. He was a lot different to what I had read up on him. I think he’ll be a brave and bolder Mickey (Noel Clark). Interesting to see how he will work with the Doc, being a former soldier.

Anyway, this week saw the return of almost everyone’s favourite villains…. the Daleks! Continue reading


Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1 – Review (Deep Breath)


So after a very loooong time, we finally get Doctor Who back on our screens. Not the same Doctor, but the same show.

As soon as the show started I was very cynical about the whole dinosaur thing. Personally I feel that Victorian-time London with a dinosaur is a cliché that DW needs to avoid in the future, leave it for the potential spin-off show that may or may not be.

Peter Capaldi for the most part was most probably ordered (by script) to act all crazy, what with him being in a post-regeneration state. I for one, disliked the first half an hour plus of this. It just felt a tad forced to me.
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Can You Cut the Cord? – Guest Author: @ThePhilFactor


Guest post written by Phil Taylor:

In the 1980’s cable television spread like a technological weed until everyone felt they had to have it. A few free, airborne terrestrial channels were no longer enough. With cable television came choices and with those choices came opportunistic businesses that promised to deliver us the best broadcast entertainment possible, at a price. When the cable companies had a monopoly on delivering us entertainment we had no choice but to pay their ransom. We now have choices, but the question is, are you bold enough to really do it? Are you ready to cut the cable and venture out into that wild wi-fi world?
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Only Children Can See Poster With ‘Hidden Message’

child abuse

From the view of an average 10-year-old

A Spanish Company called the Anar Foundation have placed posters publicly which show hidden messages only to children in an anti-child abuse campaign.

This ingenious tactic is something called ‘lenticular printing’ and only allows people of a certain height to see certain bits of an image. this basically means that adults cannot see the ‘hidden message’ placed in these posters around the country. Continue reading

iPhone 6 Release Date and New Photos Leaked



The new device is looking much different from its predecessors. A lot more sleek, in my opinion. Much more rounded and thinner. I must admit, the device is actually looking very nice!

It has been reported by various sources the iPhone 6 will be launched on 9th September 2014. 

Here are some further images of the iPhone 6:
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Quick Announcement

bulbasaur squareHi everyone, Finally this blog is getting somewhere. I’m incredibly happy about it as well. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Anyway, this isn’t to tell you how I’ve got more guest bloggers lined up…

I have, 7 of them. But the reason I have gathered you here today is that I wanted to shed light on something.

Eventually I will run out of things to write about during the boring part of the year. (Winter, obviously) Continue reading

Predicting Where Technology Will Be In 10 Years

Information Technology Concept

Hi everyone, you had this week’s guest post a tad early so I felt I should write something myself today.

Sometime last year, I wrote an article called “Where Technology will be in 20 years“. This was extremely popular and is actually my second highest viewed post of all time on The EssWhyDee Blog with a whopping 249 views as of when I started writing this post right here. So I thought I might as well write an updated version of this and see how far technology will go and where I think it’ll be at in 10 years time.

Read this article before continuing so you know what I wrote last year “Where Technology will be in 20 years“…
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