App Focus: Blackberry Messenger

Yes, I’ve reviewed BBM for Android/iOS right here : BBM Android – App Reviewunnamed (1)

Yes, I’ve given my thoughts on BBM Android – Which by the way has 1,111 views

I figured I should do something a little more updated. I’ll give it a second chance…

I haven’t uninstalled BBM on my phone as it provides me with reaching a tiny percentage of my blog’s target audience, so it has come into good use.

However, the reason why I have decided to re-review it briefly is because BBM are testing and are currently planning of releasing BBM Voice calls to their users pretty soon. Continue reading


BBM Android – App Review

blackberry-live-keynote-bbm-cross-platform-4So this week saw the rise (and fall?) of BBM Android and for iOS. I was waiting for this for quite a long time to be honest. Just the fact that it was becoming a multi-platform app was amazing in its own right. When it went live, I immediately downloaded it without second thought!

But to my surprise (barely), I was put on a waiting list in order to have the app running with my own unique BBM pin. Which is fair enough i guess, considering the influx of users registering the first time round.

It sorta made sense…

I didn’t wait for nature (or virtual nature, rather) to take its course and went and looked for workarounds to get it working quicker.

So after twiddling about with the app itself for a while, I skipped the queue and jumped right to the front…. you know, as you would….
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BBM Android – My Thoughts

bbm-android-1First of all, apologies for not posting much recently, I’m back!

So BBM Android was supposed to be released approx a month ago.

Long story short, I was eagerly anticipating the release for my phone and whatnot.

A little while later, BAM.

They pull out. Apparently because leaked APKs left the server buggy and revealed the app to be flawed. So earlier this week, officials stated that the app was “days away”. 

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