Apple iPhone 6 Pictures Leaked

Since I reported the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pictures, it’s only fair I do the same for the iPhone 6.logo-apple_01

These pictures were reported by The Independent and photos are taken from TechRadar.

I claim no ownership of these pictures.

Anyway, on to the iPhone, it does look a tad slimmer and smoother… almost as slick as it could ever look. It’ll be interesting to see what the specs are like.

Full thoughts soon to come.

Check out the leaked pictures below: Continue reading


5 things that make a Smartphone smart

There may be a dictionary definition out there somewhere. I ain’t interested in that.smartphones

I had to trim this down quite a bit to make it an article to read on-the-go.

Here’s a purely subjective article from my point of view at what makes a smartphone smart:

  1. It has an app-store – I think this is the most important feature that makes a smartphone smart. It means that the phone will be compatible with most of these applications and therefore can do a lot more than just call/text. The smartphone goes hand-in-hand with being able to use apps. Continue reading

Apple’s Fingerprint Technology

指纹识别+多种配色 苹果发布iPhone 5S\5C(图)Fingerprint technology will be introduced on the 2013 variants of Apple’s largely popular iPhones.

I saw someone tweet earlier, “If You’re not willing to give your fingerprints to the state willingly without cause, then you may want to stay well away from the iPhones 5S&5C”

That’s some food for thought…

It’s one step further than face recognition and I must admit, that is innovative. But fact remains, that the phone software will store the data of your print. Continue reading

Music on your Smartphone

image21_thumbI used to play lots of music on my smartphone before. But now, not so much.

Ever since I bought an iPod, it sort of has been my primary music listening device… Not to say I NEVER listen to it on my phone, I’m sure I do sometimes, but long story short… I’d rather conserve my battery power for more important things.

If your phone can handle all that music playing and last you a full day… Then hats off to the manufacturers.

But nowadays, I don’t find it convenient anymore.. Continue reading