BREAKING: Samsung Galaxy S5 Pictures

According to a report from Android Critics:

Here’s what the SGS5 will look like. (Without the case) Continue reading


Lenovo buys Motorola from Google

_72612158_187865311Yeah, I can’t believe it too.

It was sold for approximately £1.8bn which isn’t that much considering how much Google spent all them years ago.

Quite shocking for the technology ans smartphone industry but I can’t wait to see what this takeover means for all three companies. Continue reading

App Focus: Flappy Bird

wpid-Screenshot_2014-01-29-21-57-07.pngWait right there. Only read this and download the game if you willingly want to be frustrated and for something to question your gaming abilities.

It is insanely addictive.

Flappy Bird has taken the smartphone game by storm. It’s incredibly basic, has limited controls, quite rubbish graphics (those that’d resemble a Playstation One or a Gameboy Advance) and quite a basic format.

However, this doesn’t prevent it from being an all round fun game to play. These past few weeks have seen the popularity of this game soar… Continue reading

App Focus: Blackberry Messenger

Yes, I’ve reviewed BBM for Android/iOS right here : BBM Android – App Reviewunnamed (1)

Yes, I’ve given my thoughts on BBM Android – Which by the way has 1,111 views

I figured I should do something a little more updated. I’ll give it a second chance…

I haven’t uninstalled BBM on my phone as it provides me with reaching a tiny percentage of my blog’s target audience, so it has come into good use.

However, the reason why I have decided to re-review it briefly is because BBM are testing and are currently planning of releasing BBM Voice calls to their users pretty soon. Continue reading

App Focus: SnapChat

snapchat-logoSnapChat has taken the smartphone biz by storm with its immense popularity with the younger consumer. I don’t use it that much personally but as an app and also as an innovation, it certainly filled the narrow gap in the market.

It has moved on from the days of just sending a “snap” to a friend for a limited amount of time before being auto-erased. Such a clever creation. Now you can also take videos, add effects, doodle on top of them and also make “stories” that are compiled with pictures and/or videos.

But you didn’t come here to read that. You may already be familiar with this app due to its vast  media coverage last year… Continue reading

App Focus: Reckless Racing 2

screen568x568Reckless Racing 2 is quite frankly THE single best top-down racing game I’ve played on Android. Polarbit never fails to impress

The game is fluid, fast, online and has excellent graphics.

There are many different characters and vehicles to unlock, each with their own individual traits..

As a former Reckless Racing (1) player, I knew this was going to be an even better experience… Once I started playing this game, it was quite difficult to stop… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 tipped for 23rd February and Rumours

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-should-look-like-S6-concept-pic-11Word has it around the inter-webs that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be announced and launched in Barcelona on the 23rd of February of this year.

Little is currently known about the actual specs of the phone but what with the GS5 being the flagship phone for Samsung for quite some time, it is thought that it’ll have the usual impact upon the mobile industry.

The actual release date for when the GS5 will go on sale to the public is yet to be confirmed. However, a mobile analyst has tweeted that it will be sometime in April 2014, similar to what happened last year with the GS4. Continue reading