All About Motorola Skip


What is the Motorola Skip?

The Motorola Skip is a small felt-covered device that clips itself to a piece of your clothing such as a shirt sleeve or belt via a magnet that holds it in place. When the rear of your smartphone is tapped onto it (or brought close enough), it will unlock the device (once paired).

How does it unlock my device?

It uses Near-Field Communication, more commonly known as NFC. NFC is built into a lot of smartphones and has been the norm for around 2 years now. When the sensor picks up the connection, it is programmed to unlock your device (surpassing the password entry). Continue reading


Google Glass Review – Guest Author: @SubaneAbdi93


Guest post written by Subane Abdi:

Google Glass… What exactly is Google Glass?

Well, this topic has been circulating the net for the best part of two years, ever since testing began in the spring of 2012. Google Glass is essentially wearable tech…? I know right, wearable tech, we have indeed advanced that far (I am, for the purpose of this article, ignoring smart watches, they’re completely different but I won’t ponder on that). This particular wearable tech comes in the form of glasses that fit snuggly where glasses ought to be… I assume you know where that is.

This article will cover some basic facts concerning the Google Glass, contain some very bias viewpoints of my own and round off by asking YOU the reader, where you stand on this quite fashionably sassy looking accessory. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Review – Guest Author: @MrFuZ16



Guest post written by Zayne Fulat:

So, what happens when the girl from Avatar, the loveable idiot from Parks and Rec, the Iron Giant, the cool guy from the Hangover and a former wrestler all become superheroes in charge of saving the galaxy from utter annihilation?

You get a film called The Guardians of The Galaxy. Yes, you’ve probably heard about it over the past year and thought, ‘well, that sounds a bit extreme? Like, are they Avengers IN SPACE??’

Hmmm… not quite

At the first chance given, I accompanied a few friends to see the new film, admittedly possessing high hopes, being an avid Marvel Comics ‘fanboy’ for a number of years, and so the possibilities were simple: I would either be extremely satisfied with the movie or massively aggrieved. This could either be the something brilliant like the X-Men or Avengers franchises, or another Ghost Rider (sorry for referencing that God awful flop).

And so, the pressure was on GOTG to impress!

What was the eventual outcome? Well! Read on and you will find out…

Continue reading

Best Budget Smartphone 2014

A lot of people in this world don’t really have too much disposable income and a lot do not know what gadgets they are investing in. A lot of the time people purchase smartphones with no prior research and either don’t use it to its full potential or they just aren’t satisfied with it.moto_G_photo4

I’ll make this a little bit easier for those people.

If you have a budget, a REALLY tight budget… there is an option out there for you to get a smartphone with many great features, all at a low price.

This phone is the Moto G.

That’s right, a Motorola.

You may shake your head in disgust at the mere sound of this company but hear me out… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs HTC One M8 (User Interface)


And hello to you too. first of all, apologies for not posting much on this website, but I have some good news! (or bad, depending on if you like my writing). I’m back to my good old writing self. I’ve said that many times but this time it’s for real. (I hope).

Anyway, on to this topic.

Last week, I had the opportunity to have hands-on experiences with many new phones. Two of these phones were the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

I will focus mainly on the UI of both of these devices, which means this is pretty much a newer TouchWiz Vs. Sense article. Don’t worry though, I’ll make it worth your time.

First of all let’s go through this systematically. Continue reading

App Focus: Blackberry Messenger

Yes, I’ve reviewed BBM for Android/iOS right here : BBM Android – App Reviewunnamed (1)

Yes, I’ve given my thoughts on BBM Android – Which by the way has 1,111 views

I figured I should do something a little more updated. I’ll give it a second chance…

I haven’t uninstalled BBM on my phone as it provides me with reaching a tiny percentage of my blog’s target audience, so it has come into good use.

However, the reason why I have decided to re-review it briefly is because BBM are testing and are currently planning of releasing BBM Voice calls to their users pretty soon. Continue reading

App Focus: SnapChat

snapchat-logoSnapChat has taken the smartphone biz by storm with its immense popularity with the younger consumer. I don’t use it that much personally but as an app and also as an innovation, it certainly filled the narrow gap in the market.

It has moved on from the days of just sending a “snap” to a friend for a limited amount of time before being auto-erased. Such a clever creation. Now you can also take videos, add effects, doodle on top of them and also make “stories” that are compiled with pictures and/or videos.

But you didn’t come here to read that. You may already be familiar with this app due to its vast  media coverage last year… Continue reading