Sound or Silent?

Panda%20Surprise%20-%20Ringing%20phoneSmartphones eh?

My phone is pretty much 90% + of the time on silent. When I say silent, I actually mean vibrate mode. I just cannot stand having a really loud tune play alerting the rest of the world that I have a call  or a message. I think it becomes really annoying, causing constant disruption.

It’s just personal preference really. I only change to a louder profile if I’m expecting an important call.

Silence is golden. Well, sort of

However, as I’m sure you know by now, Vibration uses way more battery power than sound. This is one of the main disadvantages of having it on vibrate (as well as the ugly sound produced from a rumbler somewhere inside your device)… Continue reading


Top 5 Free Note-Taking Apps on Android

All of these apps are free to download!

In no particular order:

1) Catch – One of the more superior note-taking apps I’ve used, brilliant UI, flows really well, modern colour scheme. Definitely try this out. Very simple to use with great features. Looks very nice!







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Expandable Memory and Cloud Storage

Twisted-Ross-What-Is-Cloud-StorageFor me, having an expandable memory card slot in your smart phone is vital. No way would I like everything to be crammed on board the phone’s memory clogging things up.

Although it wouldn’t necessarily slow things down as such, there would come a point where you’d think twice before downloading hefty apps or taking lengthy video clips. Even if the phone supports App2SD, there’s always that thought that the space will be full up one day with limited storage available.

However, There is a saviour for those with no expandable storage…. Continue reading

5 simple tips to extend battery life

English: Li-ion battery from Samsung mobile phone.

English: Li-ion battery from Samsung mobile phone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shall we get straight to the crunch then? I’ve read a lot of articles like these… But when you have a dying battery issue, every one of these articles are interesting!

This is all from personal experience really, and I’m sure these are common sense to most…They are not guaranteed to give you years on your existing battery… But someone somewhere may find this article useful…

Here are 5 simple tips to help you get a bit more life out of your batteries…

Right then.

Let’s get stuck in…
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Smartphone Battery Proposition

A Duracell AA battery

For the average smartphone consumer, with few exceptions… A modern-day smartphone’ battery life is behind a lot of the complaints, commonly expressed. It’s like we’re addicted to our gadgets but expect them to be running 24/7. Now we all know that’s not the case, It’s the battery instead (Very bad pun intended).

Anyway I here, propose an idea. I call it the idea of ideas, the bee’s knees, the real deal…. the ultima-… Yeah, you get the picture…

So what I propose is; Get a massive battery manufacturer such as Duracell, Energizer or Panasonic and get them contracted to a huge smartphone company to provide Lithium-ion batteries for them. Simple. OK, I admit, that won’t solve all problems with regarding batteries… But think about it like this. They are massive battery companies for a reason. Surely they have more in-depth knowledge at how to pack more power into a thin battery eh? Continue reading