Doctor who Series 8 Episode 5 – Review (Time Heist)


This week’s episode of Doctor who was one of the more complex stories that we had yet to experience in series 8 as of yet.

Initially it left me quite intrigued and the introduction of the new creature(s) called the Teller was a nice, neat addition to the show.

Now, the Doctor and Clara were paired up with two others to rob a bank, with their own desires as their incentives. Continue reading


Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 4 – Review (Listen)


This week saw a Steven Moffat-written episode in what was looking like a terrifying episode from the trailers.

It started off absolutely brilliantly with story arcs developing left, right and centre.

Stories involving all the characters fit nicely in to this episode.

I was looking forward to this week’s creature but quickly realised that there was way more to this episode than a creature. Steven Moffat wrote this episode so  beautifully that it left me wanting more of Doctor Who.

Clara’s involvement with the Doctor’s storyline became all the more prominent when a certain event took place (I’ll try to keep spoilers out for those who haven’t watched it already) and they met a person from Clara’s future timeline.

First thing’s first, both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Louise Coleman acted superbly, I cannot fault them one bit for this week’s performance.

We see the Doctor and Clara’s companionship increase in many ways and this has by far been my favourite episode of the series so far.capaldi-listen

It was well presented, had a simple outlook on Doctor Who, yet maintained the complex nature of the show very subtly. I highly recommend watching this episode as this links in to previous shows and adds pieces to puzzles in Doctor Who that we may have forgotten about.

It is still early days yet but I think Peter Capaldi is my favourite all-time Doctor (based on his performance in this episode alone). This may change, but I will make that decision after this season, but I must say… everything from the writing, to the props, to the acting was spot on.

Rating: 10/10

We didn’t see Missy this week as well, I’m totally cool with that. This episode focused on building characteristics of Danny Pink, Clara Oswald and the Doctor himself.

Peter Capaldi gave his best performance yet, in what I consider to be one of the best all-time episodes EVER.

Bravo Steven Moffat, BRAVO.



Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review


Samsung have launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the next successor in their flagship phablet range.

One of the major changes is that it has real metal included on the edges, giving it a premium feel.

The phone will come with Android 4.4 KitKat out the box as expected with a pretty much guaranteed update to Android L. Continue reading

Patience! (Guest Blog)

This week’s guest blog is a little later than usual this week, but fear not… It is on the way!



Article 66 – My Thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Another way in which Technological advancement is positive



Before we get started..

Disclaimer: Do not expect humour here.

I know I’m massively late on writing about something like this but I had to make sure that it was fully mainstream before I tackled it.

Let me give you guys a quick overview of what exactly this is.

Macmillan’s new campaign has truly gone viral with celebrities getting involved as well as your average Jack. The challenge is simple really. One person gets a bucket of ice-cold water poured onto them in exchange for a donation to charity and another records them and uploads the video to the net.

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Only Children Can See Poster With ‘Hidden Message’

child abuse

From the view of an average 10-year-old

A Spanish Company called the Anar Foundation have placed posters publicly which show hidden messages only to children in an anti-child abuse campaign.

This ingenious tactic is something called ‘lenticular printing’ and only allows people of a certain height to see certain bits of an image. this basically means that adults cannot see the ‘hidden message’ placed in these posters around the country. Continue reading