5 Reasons why I’ll be buying FIFA 15


It’s that time of year again when the Barclay’s Premier League is just getting started and football fanatics all around the world are very near to getting their weekly fix… (of football, not drugs obviously).

One of the best feelings for many people is not only watching the games on telly and in person, but actually feeling involved with the going ons while eagerly anticipating the forthcoming matches.

In this article I’ll be giving you 5 reasons why I’ll be purchasing FIFA 15… Continue reading


WWE 2K15 Graphics (Updated with NEW Screenshots)


I understand this picture may not be during a match but is still an actual in-game capture, most likely during a cut scene.

Anyway, I used to be quite a big wrestling fan and one of the games that is set to release soon is WWE 2K15. I haven’t played the game, nor have I seen the gameplay. But DAMN, look at the graphics on this. Extremely life-like. Continue reading

Flappy Bird is back?! (Flappy Bird Family)

Or so it seems..The game is now branded ‘Flappy Bird Family’ and has a few more features as well as a local multiplayer gaming mode.

However, it is only available for Amazon Fire TV at the moment and as I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, do check out this great article on the Verge! Continue reading

App Focus: Flappy Bird

wpid-Screenshot_2014-01-29-21-57-07.pngWait right there. Only read this and download the game if you willingly want to be frustrated and for something to question your gaming abilities.

It is insanely addictive.

Flappy Bird has taken the smartphone game by storm. It’s incredibly basic, has limited controls, quite rubbish graphics (those that’d resemble a Playstation One or a Gameboy Advance) and quite a basic format.

However, this doesn’t prevent it from being an all round fun game to play. These past few weeks have seen the popularity of this game soar… Continue reading

App Focus: Reckless Racing 2

screen568x568Reckless Racing 2 is quite frankly THE single best top-down racing game I’ve played on Android. Polarbit never fails to impress

The game is fluid, fast, online and has excellent graphics.

There are many different characters and vehicles to unlock, each with their own individual traits..

As a former Reckless Racing (1) player, I knew this was going to be an even better experience… Once I started playing this game, it was quite difficult to stop… Continue reading

What life is like without Candy Crush notifications

candy crush is evilI’m sure a lot of you may have read The Candy Crush Addiction and understand how much one can get addicted to the game. However, after being unable to get past a certain level (can’t even remember which one). I have finally gone off Candy Crush.

You heard correctly.

I haven’t uninstalled it or anything. It’s just sat there in my app drawer laying dormant until unimaginable amounts of boredom overcome me once again… Continue reading

Papa Pear Saga Review – The NEW Candy Crush? – Guest Author: @SubaneAbdi93

Guest post written by Subane Abdi:

As the already-popular mobile and Facebook game Candy Crush is still captivating an ever-growing audience, the company King’s latest game is set to be just as enthralling.papa-pear-saga

Papa Pear Saga involves the use of Papa Pear to bounce on as many objects as possible to rack up the points before ending in each bucket on the bottom.

It already sounds exciting does it not?

As you control 10 Papa Pears, the objective is simple. Get them all to get you a high score! It’s as simple as that! Continue reading