All About Motorola Skip


What is the Motorola Skip?

The Motorola Skip is a small felt-covered device that clips itself to a piece of your clothing such as a shirt sleeve or belt via a magnet that holds it in place. When the rear of your smartphone is tapped onto it (or brought close enough), it will unlock the device (once paired).

How does it unlock my device?

It uses Near-Field Communication, more commonly known as NFC. NFC is built into a lot of smartphones and has been the norm for around 2 years now. When the sensor picks up the connection, it is programmed to unlock your device (surpassing the password entry). Continue reading


Latest close-up photos of space gray iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 5 (Gallery)

Even more iPhone 6 Pics…

Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1 – Review (Deep Breath)


So after a very loooong time, we finally get Doctor Who back on our screens. Not the same Doctor, but the same show.

As soon as the show started I was very cynical about the whole dinosaur thing. Personally I feel that Victorian-time London with a dinosaur is a cliché that DW needs to avoid in the future, leave it for the potential spin-off show that may or may not be.

Peter Capaldi for the most part was most probably ordered (by script) to act all crazy, what with him being in a post-regeneration state. I for one, disliked the first half an hour plus of this. It just felt a tad forced to me.
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Can You Cut the Cord? – Guest Author: @ThePhilFactor


Guest post written by Phil Taylor:

In the 1980’s cable television spread like a technological weed until everyone felt they had to have it. A few free, airborne terrestrial channels were no longer enough. With cable television came choices and with those choices came opportunistic businesses that promised to deliver us the best broadcast entertainment possible, at a price. When the cable companies had a monopoly on delivering us entertainment we had no choice but to pay their ransom. We now have choices, but the question is, are you bold enough to really do it? Are you ready to cut the cable and venture out into that wild wi-fi world?
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Swing Copters – App Review


Guess who’s back?

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has come back with a brand new app!

I can just hear your enthusiasm from here.

.GEARS Studio have just released a brand new game for Android (and presumably iOS too).

The game is called Swing Copters and if Flappy Bird wasn’t annoying enough, this’ll be sure to get on your nerves. Continue reading

Article 66 – My Thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Another way in which Technological advancement is positive



Before we get started..

Disclaimer: Do not expect humour here.

I know I’m massively late on writing about something like this but I had to make sure that it was fully mainstream before I tackled it.

Let me give you guys a quick overview of what exactly this is.

Macmillan’s new campaign has truly gone viral with celebrities getting involved as well as your average Jack. The challenge is simple really. One person gets a bucket of ice-cold water poured onto them in exchange for a donation to charity and another records them and uploads the video to the net.

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Only Children Can See Poster With ‘Hidden Message’

child abuse

From the view of an average 10-year-old

A Spanish Company called the Anar Foundation have placed posters publicly which show hidden messages only to children in an anti-child abuse campaign.

This ingenious tactic is something called ‘lenticular printing’ and only allows people of a certain height to see certain bits of an image. this basically means that adults cannot see the ‘hidden message’ placed in these posters around the country. Continue reading