Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 6 – Review (The Caretaker)


This week saw the world as we know it under a threat of a mechanical alien robot with machine guns for arms.

It started off very promising, with the Doctor finally meeting Danny and them actually conversing.

Clara was, as you’d expect, in between the two trying to reason with both men getting them to accept each other.

The majority of the episode took place in the famous Coal hill Primary school, which references the very first episode of Classic Doctor Who.

The Doctor looked more scruffy today with slightly longer hair and was just very angry and Doctor-ish.

Danny and himself got into many verbal tiffs and once again we were shown how the Doc hates soldiers.

Personally I don’t feel like the writing of this episode was brilliant and so the actors

I hope next week we see a much better written show and for the second time in a row, the show felt ever so slightly rushed and anti-climactic.

Unfortunately, there was little information given on the machines and how the Doctor obtained the invisibility watch. If he made it, I don’t want him to be the ‘mad scientist’  Doctor.

For me this was a step backwards for the show in general, apart from the introduction and breaking of ice between Danny and the Doc.

Lets hope next week is better.

Rating: 6/10

The lowest rating I have given an episode from Series 8 and Although I liked the monster, the whole Earthy feel to the show, I don’t think there was much to it apart from conflict and trust issues. We saw Missy at the end (and Chris Addison!!) But I still didn’t feel it was enough to boost my rating up of the episode.




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