Doctor who Series 8 Episode 5 – Review (Time Heist)


This week’s episode of Doctor who was one of the more complex stories that we had yet to experience in series 8 as of yet.

Initially it left me quite intrigued and the introduction of the new creature(s) called the Teller was a nice, neat addition to the show.

Now, the Doctor and Clara were paired up with two others to rob a bank, with their own desires as their incentives.

There  was talk of the ‘architect’ who had led them to this location and was leading this Heist from the future-past.

It was obvious that the Doctor was behind this and so it was great as a concept, acting was also pretty good… But in the end it felt very anti-climactic.

Maybe because I was expecting the Tardis to be here or something like a time-and-a-place for their next adventure or a key to something.

It had a nice ending where the good guys ended up not dying. The Teller was re-united with its female counter-part and transported to presumably their own planet where I imagine they will be responsible to re-populate their species.

For a Moffat episode, the Tellers most likely will come back either as enemies or as saviours of the Doctor in the near future. Something tells me this is a creature that will be linked to the Series 8 finale, but I could be totally wrong.

The creatures look great in the prison costume making them look dangerous as

All-in-all, it was an average episode with perhaps way too much of a happy ending. I think they should have included a Missy segment at the end and the episode would’ve been somewhat more entertaining.

Last weeks episode set a really high standard… I didn’t expect this to surpass it and it certainly wasn’t on par but it had the beautiful concept of memory worms and so this made it worth the watch.

It reminded me of 10, 11 and 12 in terms of the story-line being thrilling right till the end without the need to be ‘dark’.

Peter Capaldi is using ‘Shush’ and ‘Shut up, shut up shut up’ a lot more and I reckon this will catch on to be one of his memorable catchphrases. He is really fitting into the role well and next week’s episode brings him right back down to earth.

Rating: 7/10

It lacked a few things that could have made this episode really special. I didn’t particularly like the ending but the fresh characters and genuine intensity about the episode was great. I hope the Teller(s) do return (and soon) as if they don’t, I fear that this will go down forgotten. The writers have a chance to make this particular creature very valuable in terms of future storylines and although they shouldn’t rush it by any means, they must bring them back soon, either as helpers( to repay this favour) or as monsters that dance with the devil.





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