Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 3 – Review (Robot of Sherwood)



So this week saw the Doctor and Clara battling robots in episode 3 of Doctor Who, series 8.

It started off with Clara choosing where she wanted to go, something previous companions have had the chance to do. Her choice was to meet Robin Hood.

The doctor wasn’t convinced that he was real when they first met, and wasn’t fully convinced he was real until they last met.

The episode itself was what you may call a ‘filler episode’, not one with overall great significance but enough of a concept to make into an episode.

Might I say, it was very well produced… however, to me, I didn’t feel as if it will go down as one of the classics.

When I say ‘classics’, I’m using the term loosely, it was traditional, vintage, classic Doctor Who we saw, but not one that will be chosen as lots of people’s favourite episode for months and years to come.

The key moment in this show was the linking and mentioning of the ‘Promised Land’ where once again, robots were headed.

Maybe the promised land is Gallifrey?

Maybe the Promised land is somewhere else.

I liked that there is a strong story arch being built and beginning to intrigue its viewers.

I’m comfortable with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, quicker than I thought I would be. this episode was really wacky, something I am not a fan of.. but as I said earlier, it was made really well and for a filler episode, it was well produced.

We didn’t see Missy today, which was good in a weird way, you want to make those episodes special and it seems like she may make an appearance next week. Too much of something is no good.

This brings me on to my next point.

As much as Jenna Louise Coleman plays Clara Oswald brilliantly, I think that the christmas special 2014 should be her final performance as the Doctor’s companion.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t an issue with her. I just feel that the best of the character Clara has been utilised already and it would be healthy if they had Peter Capaldi working with a brand new face.

I know Danny Pink is set to be his companion alongside Clara for a while but the introduction of another female is a must. I just don’t think having Clara for another season will do justice to how great the show can be while constantly evolving from the product that it once was.

Rating: 6.5/10

I gave the first episode 6.5 and no way was this miles better. I still liked it to some extent as it was refreshing not to have such a dark episode. I just have a feeling that it would’ve worked better had this been last season with Matt Smith and the whole Clara storyline.

Anyway, next week seems to have a genuinely frightening story for us. Can’t wait!

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