Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2 – Review (Into The Dalek)

Hey everyone, here is my review for this week’s episode of Doctor Who. I know it’s a tad late, but I have only managed to watch it just now and thought I might as well write-up this article since the episode is fresh in my mind.

If you missed the review for episode 1, click HERE

This week saw a very different approach to last week’s. Everything from the villains to the acting to the furthering of storylines.

Early on, we saw the new future companion of the Doctor and Clara, Danny Pink. He was a lot different to what I had read up on him. I think he’ll be a brave and bolder Mickey (Noel Clark). Interesting to see how he will work with the Doc, being a former soldier.

Anyway, this week saw the return of almost everyone’s favourite villains…. the Daleks!

However, the concept was very unique. The title of this episode was ‘Into The Dalek’ and it was actually a literal reference.

The Doctor, Clara, and a few ‘babysitters with guns’ were miniaturized and were sent into a Dalek to repair it.

Peter Capaldi went straight in to the role of the Doc, and what a change it was from last week. I think his acting was definitely on point, giving a solid performance.

In the episode itself, the Dalek was malfunctioning and needed fixing, hence the journey of going inside and repairing it.

We quickly saw a shocking sacrifice the Doctor made with one of the soldiers when he threw something at him and told him to swallow it. This caused the anti-bodies to destroy the soldier as a result of this. The Doctor knew that was going to happen but went ahead with it without a second thought. The scene moved swiftly on but this was most definitely a key moment from the episode.

It showed the newer personality of the Doctor and how he saved the rest of them and tried justifying it afterwards by telling the rest that he was going to die anyway.

Once the Dalek was repaired, the plan backfired and it went haywire, summoning surrounding rescue ships and by default, ordering the slaughter of the humans aboard the Aristotle ship.

The Doctor showed glimpses of giving up hope and we saw a nice classic traditional way the companion helps him realise something he may have overlooked. However, this was done in an unorthodox manner with Clara slapping the Doctor across the face. Feisty.

Eventually, the team managed to bring back the Daleks positive memories and this made him kill the Daleks that had come to rescue him. The Doctor seemed disappointed with the outcome as although he had help[ed one Dalek, he ad essentially lead one to kill the others.

doctorwho little


A very deep episode indeed. We see great dialogue between Peter Capaldi and Jenna Louise Coleman with the infamous “Am I a good man?” conversation.

We saw Missy again this week, greeting one of the soldiers that died. I have a feeling that she will create an army to defeat the Doctor as everyone that ends up there… the Doctor seems to be connected with their death somehow. Either by sacrifice, suicide, or mystery.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode because not only did we see the no hanky-panky Doctor that we were promised, but we saw character development from him, and Clara too. I understand the episode was written by Phil Ford. Well done.

As I said last week, it was unfair to judge Peter Capaldi as the Doctor on the post-regeneration episode. I will judge him on today’s performance and he surpassed my expectations. The mystery, darkness, sacrifice and humour are a great mix for the modern-day sci-fi show. I am really glad the show is starting to take shape already and that the actor(s) have broken the barriers not only between themselves, but also with the audience.

I think Clara will try to hide the fact that Danny Pink was a former soldier as she witnessed the refusal from the Doctor to Journey Blue. It may or may not lead to friction between the two. Also, the Dalek (when looking into the Doctor’s soul) said that he saw hatred. The Doctor was telling Rusty to look further than that and it was like he wasn’t convinced himself.

Also, the costume rocks!

Rating: 9/10

A fantastic episode that was unique to every other Dalek episode in the history of the show. Great character and story development while the dark side of the Doctor was really emphasised effectively. Next week will see a Robin Hood episode which I am still unsure of. We shall see what happens.

Tune in next week for the review of Episode 3!




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