App Focus: SnapChat

snapchat-logoSnapChat has taken the smartphone biz by storm with its immense popularity with the younger consumer. I don’t use it that much personally but as an app and also as an innovation, it certainly filled the narrow gap in the market.

It has moved on from the days of just sending a “snap” to a friend for a limited amount of time before being auto-erased. Such a clever creation. Now you can also take videos, add effects, doodle on top of them and also make “stories” that are compiled with pictures and/or videos.

But you didn’t come here to read that. You may already be familiar with this app due to its vast  media coverage last year…

It created a lot of controversy as some people found various loopholes within the system to allow for recipients to import files onto other devices, thus never really being deleted.

That aside, it’s a pretty decent looking app. Can be a source of musings as such for the younger demographic. Not my cup of tea personally..

This app is free. So if you think this is the type of thing you were looking for; have a try!

What can possibly go wrong?

Go ahead and download it.



Rating: 6.5




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