App Focus: Reckless Racing 2

screen568x568Reckless Racing 2 is quite frankly THE single best top-down racing game I’ve played on Android. Polarbit never fails to impress

The game is fluid, fast, online and has excellent graphics.

There are many different characters and vehicles to unlock, each with their own individual traits..

As a former Reckless Racing (1) player, I knew this was going to be an even better experience… Once I started playing this game, it was quite difficult to stop…

The ability to drift, to break down, to topple over and with partly destructive environments; it makes for the perfect getaway for any avid gamer. I am struggling to think about a weakness for this game.

The in-game colours/sounds are great, and to top it off, you can play versus your pal online (Even if you aren’t sharing the same connection).

The controls are a little bit tricky but it takes about a few tries to decide which mode of steering you prefer.

That’s pretty much it…

Go ahead and purchase this game (Or download the free versions). You shan’t regret it!



Rating: 9/10



Note: More app reviews to come! – Next up: SnapChat!


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