Papa Pear Saga Review – The NEW Candy Crush? – Guest Author: @SubaneAbdi93

Guest post written by Subane Abdi:

As the already-popular mobile and Facebook game Candy Crush is still captivating an ever-growing audience, the company King’s latest game is set to be just as enthralling.papa-pear-saga

Papa Pear Saga involves the use of Papa Pear to bounce on as many objects as possible to rack up the points before ending in each bucket on the bottom.

It already sounds exciting does it not?

As you control 10 Papa Pears, the objective is simple. Get them all to get you a high score! It’s as simple as that!

As a follow-up to Candy Crush, its potential is bountiful but is this game all it’s set out to be?
The Google Play description sets out the following as the most poignant aspects of the game:

•Pearfect graphics that will have you bouncing for joy papa-pear-saga-3
•Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master 
•Over 100 amazing levels 
•Leaderboards for you and your friends 
•Items to unlock by completing levels 
•Boosters and Power ups to help with those challenging levels 
•Seamless synchronisation with the Facebook version

However, after looking at the Play Store reviews, many have shown dissatisfaction with the game. One individual complained about the irregular synchronisation on Facebook causing a constant logging off within the game – leaving a bad experience for them and many, who complain of the constant crashing and the long wait to log in.

The aspect of ‘Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master’ I believe is down to the fact that to really get to the tougher levels, one needs their friends to be playing the same game. One player voiced that they need their Facebook friends to be playing alongside them in order to advance and to really enjoy the game as a whole.

However, many have voiced content too, rating it as a 5 star besides its faults (one of those faults being that it is a Peggle rip-off but none are too bothered I guess) which relieves them of their stress, boredom and provides hours of non-stop fun (that is if ‘non-stop fun’ doesn’t mean waiting for the game to load for you – though waiting has its own charms).

Personally, I recommend Papa Pear Saga for its simplicity and providing addictive gaming. Although, it being too simple at first could render the player utterly bored but Papa Pear captures simplicity with just the right amount to make it oh so much fun. The use of exuberant and exotic colours really calms me down and a joyful background jingle makes me all giddy inside. Besides its faults… If one is patient, the rewards of this game could definitely be on par with Candy Crush Saga.

Written with reference to reviews on which could give a slight bias but I tried to balance it out, I hope it was an interesting read!

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Syd’s Verdict: Thanks to Subane, who took the time out to write up a rather refreshing review on Papa Pear Saga. Now, I haven’t played this game myself. Here’s why… I’m a recovering Candy Crush-aholic and have just about managed to overcome my addiction to such a game (Article coming soon about how I overcame it). But on to this article… I think it has persuaded me enough to give the game a shot, I just hope I don’t get as addicted! – Also, wasn’t there another spin-off? Pet Rescue Saga or something? But on to figures, experts have estimated Candy Crush to be generating anything from $850,000 – $3,000,000 a day. I don’t know how accurate these figures are… But DAMN. We know where the money lies eh? Great article by Subane. Hit the Thumbs up button if you want more from this guest author!



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