BBM Android – App Review

blackberry-live-keynote-bbm-cross-platform-4So this week saw the rise (and fall?) of BBM Android and for iOS. I was waiting for this for quite a long time to be honest. Just the fact that it was becoming a multi-platform app was amazing in its own right. When it went live, I immediately downloaded it without second thought!

But to my surprise (barely), I was put on a waiting list in order to have the app running with my own unique BBM pin. Which is fair enough i guess, considering the influx of users registering the first time round.

It sorta made sense…

I didn’t wait for nature (or virtual nature, rather) to take its course and went and looked for workarounds to get it working quicker.

So after twiddling about with the app itself for a while, I skipped the queue and jumped right to the front…. you know, as you would….

Anyway, on to the app itself. I literally started adding every single BBM pin in sight that was shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

But anyway, I’ve had a little test run with the app and yeah, despite what you may have heard elsewhere, I think RIM have put a fair bit of effort into making this a noteworthy app.

The colours are subtle and messaging is quite seamless…. Just what you need in from an IM app. The actual fluidity of messaging is nothing to complain about regardless of your biases.

It could certainly be a strong competitor being a free alternative to its peers.

Now… I do have a little issue with it.

The fact that it arrived about 4 years too damn late. I know it’s something that cannot be helped but fact remains that they entered the market a little too late.

One cannot help to think that if this was introduced a while back, things could have been different, quite possibly for the entire company.

But then again… That many years ago, people were actually purchasing Blackberrys… where BBM was an exclusive that came with it. I guess that’s why things didn’t happen that way.

Anyway… Back to the app itself…

People are broadcasting things waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. I can’t stress this enough. I don’t mind a handful or so but I think I may need to trim down my contact list sooner than later. I just can’t be dealing with all the shout-outs and what-nots. This is not a problem with the app itself, but meh, I thought I may as well nip it in the bud.


Syd’s Verdict: 6.5/10 solely because I have alternative apps that do the same, if not better in terms of instant messaging. I may even look to uninstall it in the future if needs be. It is a RAM eater for my phone personally, and can’t see it having a major breakthrough.  Although I do like it for one reason and one reason only…



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