Top 5 Free Note-Taking Apps on Android

All of these apps are free to download!

In no particular order:

1) Catch – One of the more superior note-taking apps I’ve used, brilliant UI, flows really well, modern colour scheme. Definitely try this out. Very simple to use with great features. Looks very nice!







2) Google Keep – Very basic note taking app, ugly widget but the simplicity and Sync makes it a great app. Works well. A bit too simple maybe?







3) Evernote – Possibly THE best note-taking app on Android. Easy to use, jam-packed with features and appealing to the eye. Beautiful widget is a plus.







4) GO Note Widget – Brilliant set of fun widgets, simple, looks really appealing. You can even draw on the sticky notes!!!

GO Note Widget






5) GNotes – Best feature is the option to sort in categories. Sync available with GMail, Just like Google Keep, but slightly more features, such as graffiti and handwriting mode.







All of these apps I have previously used… Have you got any recommendations?




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